Signature Offerings

Signature lectures and classes are the fundamentals of the Skyterra program and are offered regularly for their importance. These classes are highlighted yellow on your schedule.


Connect class starts the day with breathing exercises, meditation, light stretching and honoring unplugged space.

Daily Mobility

This quick and easy-to-follow class is a great practice to take home. Movements require minimal to no equipment. This is a quick ten-minute practice and each day we focus on a different area of the body.


One of our most transferable workouts for home, EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. This class includes movements with timing of :40 of work with :20 of full recovery. All movements are strength- and cardio-based, and easily doable with little equipment.

Fitness Challenge !

Our fitness challenge will test your limits, but also provide a fun and team-oriented atmosphere. Attend regardless of your fitness experience or level.

Move Well Strength

Learn Skyterra’s essential movements that will improve your everyday life. In this class, you will learn, create and develop better positions leaving you empowered and confident about movements in our signature LEAN class.

Move Well Yoga

This class is a safe space for all levels to learn the foundations of common postures used in yoga. Begin to explore the connection between your breath and your body to cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Quick Fit

Getting in your workouts when you leave Skyterra will be difficult. We offer this class to show you a realistic 10-15 minute cardio and strength workout that can be easily executed at home.

Skyterra Tread

Choose between the treadmill, NuStep, bike, or even elliptical for an instructor-guided cardio class. This class offers changing and adaptable intensities with variations in speed and incline to make for an exciting workout utilizing entirely cardio equipment.

Soul Collage

Soul Collage is an experiential art process connecting you to your inner wisdom. It is a way of being artistically creative and exploring the personal meaning of the art that you create. Turn off your inner critic, turn on your inner child and play! The process is meditative. It is best done simply and without intention. It is always more than you think it will be and the cards always turn out amazing! You are able to take your art home as a special keepsake from your Skyterra experience.

Strength Training

This is our one-of-a-kind strength training class that focuses on quality movement, prioritizing only movements that matter for functional fitness and activities of daily living. Similar to group personal training, you’ll learn how to work out with very little equipment and be well on your way to getting LEAN in no time!

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