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Yellow: Skyterra Signature

These classes are offered every week. 

Blue: Rotating Offerings

These classes change every week.

Purple: Lower Intensity Offerings

Classes do not require getting on the ground.

Green: Seasonal Recreation

These options are off-campus and rotate weekly.

Location Abbreviations

LW   Laurelwood

CC   Culinary Center

YY   Yoga Yurt

SP   Spa

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! = High Intensity/Advanced

Skyterra Signature Descriptions

Signature lectures and classes are the fundamentals of the Skyterra Program and are offered regularly for their importance. These classes are often highlighted yellow on your schedule. 

Education Classes

Back to Values

This class is designed to help you reconnect with what is truly important to you and what you love in life. You will be able to identify core values in your life and work towards creating an action plan to “get back” to those values. Learn the difference between living a life based in values versus living a life based only in setting goals.

Culinary Demos

Our chef leads you through the creation of healthy, nourishing, delicious, seasonal meals and snacks! Ask questions, learn techniques, and learn to incorporate new skills, ingredients, and recipes into your meals.

Efficient Fitness 

Learn how to exercise less, but better – at home! You will walk away with a better understanding of setting up effective strength routines along with the most efficient cardio strategies to weave into your plan. 

Fitness Redefined

Traditional protocols use exercise as a primary driver for weight loss, focusing entirely on caloric expenditure. The Skyterra Way understands that obesity is a hormone game, which may completely flip the paradigm on how you look at fitness. After this presentation, you’ll be able to figure what type of fitness you can do for the rest of your life and understand the importance of consistent movement. 

Hormones and Food

Emphasizes the importance of how food influences the brain-body connection. Through interactive learning, you will gain further knowledge of hormones and neurotransmitters that influence why and how much we eat. This seminar dives into better understanding of 5 hormones that impact mood, hunger and appetite. You will leave with specific nutrition strategies that support hormonal balance.

Inspired Intentions 

Are you tired of never fulfilling your healthy intentions? Fed up with setting goals that go well for weeks or months only to end abruptly? Learn how to set your goals to the present and uncover your emotional why for lasting and sustained motivation. 

Nutrition Redefined

This seminar is a foundational nutrition class. We will discuss our nutrition philosophy and you will leave with a better understanding of what foods to prioritize in a tailored nutrition plan. We will cover the importance of macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber) as well as meal planning.

Self Compassion 

Self improvement journeys are often associated with an inner dialogue steeped in self-judgment and criticism. This lecture explores how approaching life with self-compassion, allowing you to identify your self criticism triggers and change your mindset with greater ease and empowerment. Learn how to silence the inner critic, discover tools to self-regulate difficult emotions, and cultivate a nourishing and self-accepting relationship with food and above all, your self. 

Sound Sleep 

Tired all the time? Do you need to improve your sleeping habits? Truth is, sleep matters. We are living in a world of go, go, go and are constantly stimulated by our environment and life stressors. No matter your age or how busy life may seem, maintaining a consistent and high quality sleep routine is essential for optimal health. This lecture will dive into the importance of sleep and how to effectively create behavior change. 

Stress Redefined

There is so much information out there about stress. Stress Redefined identifies practical means to achieving stress reduction through a personalized approach to everyday living. Stress reduction is achievable and in this class participants will understand the body’s physiological state when it is overexposed to stress and how to cope with many forms of stressors.

Your Home Plan

Skyterra offers many wellness opportunities throughout your stay, but what happens when you go home? This class is an opportunity to review and plan for home. In addition to finding out about the additional tools Skyterra has created to assist you in your journey available to you upon your departure.



We offer several opportunities for various types of guided meditation. Our daily Connect class starts and ends the day with breathing exercises, meditation, light stretching, and honoring unplugged space. 

Lean !

This is our one-of-a-kind strength training class which focuses on quality movement, prioritizing only movements that matter for “activities of daily living.” Similar to group personal training, you’ll learn how to work out with very little equipment and be well on your way to getting LEAN in no time! 

Move Well

Get ready to learn Skyterra's essential movements that will improve your daily living activities. In this class, our coaches help you learn, create and develop better positions leaving you empowered and confident about movements in our signature LEAN class.

Quick Fit

Getting in your workouts when you leave Skyterra will be difficult. We offer this class to show you a realistic 10-15 minute cardio and strength workout that can be easily executed at home. 


In addition to the Skyterra Signature offerings we have a steady stream of rotating offers, giving you an opportunity to dig a little deeper into a number of topics. These classes are often highlighted blue or purple on your schedule.

Aqua Cardio (offered seasonally as weather allows) 

Are you ready to challenge your aquatic fitness? Utilizing methods of water-based interval training, this class will inspire you to take your average pool workout to the next level. 

Aqua Chi (offered seasonally as weather allows) 

Water is the most nurturing of all of the elements, yet we frequently take its restorative properties for granted. In this class, experience water’s natural ability to stimulate relaxation. Stretch, mobilize, find your chi, and rejuvenate in the pool!

Aqua Circuit (offered seasonally as weather allows) 

Are you ready to challenge your aquatic fitness? Utilizing methods of water-based interval training, this class will inspire you to take your average pool workout to the next level. 

Aqua Strong (offered seasonally as weather allows) 

Switch up your regular strength training regimen by hitting the pool. With aqua dumbbells and bodyweight strength exercises, this session is a fun, effective type of resistance training that you just may find irresistible. 

Aqua Yoga (offered seasonally as weather allows) 

Explore land-based yoga postures in the water. This yoga practice is zenfully joint friendly- don’t miss out! Join us for this weight-free, water-supported yoga class. 

Art of Meditation 

Break down the barriers that hold you back from having a  meditation practice at home. Explore various styles of meditating and find what resonates most with you.

Arts Workshop 

Creating a piece of art is a stress management technique used to curating images in a creative and inspiring manner to inspire you. The creative process offers wisdom by engaging in the right side of the brain and you can simultaneously have fun while doing it. No art experience necessary. 

Balance Training 

Do you have difficulty standing on one leg? This class is your opportunity to learn exercises for improving your balance (which in turn, helps safeguard you from injury). We’ll go over a number of the exercises that can easily fit into your current routine. 

Better Boundaries 

Do you find difficulty in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries in your life? Are there times in your life that you wish you were able to say no? Would having boundaries in your life allow you to practice more self care and decrease your stress? This class is designed to help you learn how to create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life and keep those boundaries, so that you are able to start taking better care of YOU!!

Body Truths 

What's weight got to do with it? Is health defined by food intake and exercise? Do healthy habits have to suck? This lecture is all about exploring the truth about weight loss, your body, and the enjoyment of healthy living. 

Breathe Well 

This experiential class combines both lecture and practical techniques like body/breath awareness. To explore and explain the science of the respiratory system, postural adaptations, asymmetrical patterns and the influence of integrated chains of muscles. Whether you’re an extremely active individual or just want to achieve a higher quality of life, this class helps set the foundation for a sound mind and body.

Building Boundaries

“Boundaries are where you end and I begin.” In this class, participants are encouraged to discuss and reflect upon any boundaries that they have successfully implemented, as well as boundaries that may be helpful to implement moving forward. 

Cardio Circuit

Recovery based workout that is comprised of cardio intervals on the treadmill, rower, and/or elliptical combined with body weight movements such as jumping jacks and mountain climbers. 

Chair Yoga 

Pulling inspiration yoga movements great for the office and traveling as well as movements for those with low mobility, this form of yoga is practiced sitting in a chair or using a chair for support. This gentler format is perfect for the office, travel, and for those who may have limitations inhibiting their ability to get on the ground. 

Core Strength

Classic core conditioning class involving all abdominal muscle groups. Movements include crunch variations, bicycle abs, lower back strengtheners and oblique exercises. 

Creative Arts

The amazing beauty and energy of these mountains are an inspiration to the creative part of us. This class gives us an opportunity to explore that. We will express ourselves using various types of media - from paint, beads, sticks, rocks, etc. Some of our offerings will be hand-bound journals, meditation beads (malas), mantra stones, mosaics and more . . . come join the fun! 


One of our most transferable workouts for home EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute.” Four movements involving :30 of work with :30 of full recovery for 20 minutes. All movements are strength and cardio based, easily doable with little equipment.  

Foot and Ankle Mobility 

Your feet are your foundation and the first defense in helping the rest of your body perform. This class will teach you how to improve ankle range of motion and train you to take care of your feet. Simple techniques that go a long way! 

Gentle Flow

Gentle yoga practice to help release stress and tension through gentle stretching and movement linked with the breath. Class moves at a slow pace and has minimal transitions from up to down and minimal weight bearing on the wrists. 

Gratitude Meditation

Guided mindfulness meditation using various breathing techniques with a focus and intention of cultivating gratitude. 

Green Tea Tasting 

It is tea time...and it is also time to learn about the two main processing styles in making green tea.  Circle up to discuss, explore and taste the amazing world of green tea and leave with a deeper understanding of Chinese and Japanese green tea production techniques and their influence on flavor.  

Gut Health 

Gut Health is an introduction to the gut microbiome and enteric nervous system and how they influence your overall health. Many lifestyle-based diseases are connected to poor gut health; this seminar will help you understand how to repair and rebalance your gut through nutrition and other lifestyle changes. 

Healthy Feet

Our feet are our foundation, learn how to develop strong, pain-free, orthotic-free, feet that will protect your knees, hips, and spine for the rest of your life. 

Herbal Tea Blending 

Circle up for tea time!  This class explores the very basics of blending single herbs together to make tea blends for optimal flavor!   The class is structured in an interactive discussion to learn more about the single herbs offered which leads us into the opportunity to create our own unique cup of tea to sip on!  Leave class with a deeper understanding of loose leaf tea and preparing teas and blends at home!  

Hidden Ingredients 

Do you know what's in your food? Do you know what you should look for on labels? Learn what we should and shouldn't put into our bodies to live a healthy life!!

Hip Mobility 

You’re human right? Do you sit? Most of us do a lot of sitting which doesn’t really support the health of our hips. Jump into this speciality mobility class and learn how to improve the range of motion of your hips including your glutes, hip flexors and quads. 

Insulin Sensitivity 

Are you sick of having “unhealthy” food or skipping a workout and having it lead to immediate weight gain? How about constant feelings of hunger or cravings? The key to changing this is to increase your insulin sensitivity. This is achieved through high-quality nutrition and consistent physical activity, which are crucial to the long-term maintenance of your metabolism. 

Intervals !

This is a high intensity cardio class that involves a series of intervals adaptable to any type of cardio equipment. Learn how to push your pace in an efficient manner. 

Knee Mobility 

Achy knees are not normal and are often due to tight quads and tight calves. During this specialty mobility class, you’ll pinpoint the restrictions all around your knees and loosen up the fascia (connective tissue) that is causing aches and pains. 

Lakeside Meditation 

Guided mindfulness meditation by the lake. Tune into the sounds and sensations of nature to help ground in the present moment. 

Laughter Yoga 

A practice that involves prolonged voluntary laughter. A half hour session combines gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and interactive laughter games. Laughter can strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, relax the entire body, and promote an overall sense of well-being. Let your inner child out to play!

Lower Back Mobility 

It is researched that 80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. Get in front of the pain by joining us for this speciality mobility class which will teach you the quick tricks for solving and fixing lower back stiffness. 

Mastering Mobility 

There are a host of possible muscular imbalances and lifestyle errors that can be contributing to your quality of life. During this discussion learn how daily mobility, flexibility, and breathwork can make all the difference. You’ll understand how to triage your own body and plan your daily routine.

Meal Planning Workshop 

Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed figuring out what to eat on a daily basis? This workshop is just for you. Our Registered Dietitian provides education, handouts, and tools to help you plan what you will eat for your main meals upon returning home.  


Guided practice to help you calm and ease your mind and body. Practice may begin with a focus on breathing techniques and include scanning the body, mindfulness, mantras, guided imagery and using sound therapy. 

Nutrition Busters 

Trying to discern nutrition information in today’s culture isn’t easy. Various hot and popular topics are discussed, debunked, and addressed. This seminar is not only informative, but it is also fun and enlightening. 

Outdoor Circuit !

Tired of being stuck between two walls for all your workouts? Get outdoors for this circuit class, our instructors will  take you across the Skyterra campus combining fast walk intervals with core and strength exercises. 

Overcoming Shame

We experience shame from an early age and often internalize the expectations of others, too, and as a result we grow further apart from our core’s truth. In this class, participants will carefully reflect upon their relationship to shame and learn tools that can help shift their focus back to their truest self. 

Qoya: Dance Yoga

Qoya is a fusion of dance, yoga and feminine movement, and is based on the very simple idea that through the movement of our bodies, we remember! We remember that our essence is innately wise, wild and free. "Wise" draws on the ancient wisdom of yoga, "wild" explores the creative expression in dance, and "free" is an exploration of expanding our capacity to be in our bodies and celebrate embodiment, as humans. Explore infusing the movement of your body with meaning and feel movement as medicine. No dance experience required!  All are welcome.  

Partner Workout !

Energize your average workout with camaraderie! This team-based partner class with alternating movements will be sure to inspire your competitive spirit. Partners are not required, nor necessary – you will be “teamed up” upon arrival.

Pilates Basics 

Description coming soon

Pilates Flow 

Description coming soon

Primal Strong !

Revive your strength training routine with heavy ropes, tire flips, and sled drags! Get back to functional exercise with this highly effective interval class. By adding unconventional methods into your current training regimen, you will be sure to shock different muscles into action!

Practicing Gratitude 

This lecture is designed to help you cultivate a daily practice of gratitude. Often we are on-the-go and fail to pause and welcome awareness into our lives and in turn feel and spread gratitude to ourselves and others. 

Psychology of Fitness 

“Psychology of fitness” tackles the benefits of physical activity and the effects it has on our bodies, other than just the physical aspects. This lecture discusses major illnesses that many individuals suffer from and how fitness can help, as well as what it takes to become a “want to” exerciser, instead of a “Have to” exerciser and how that can inspire others. 

Reclaiming Your Body

We often lose touch with our innate wisdom in relation to our bodies and sense of worth. In this class, we will strategize and determine steps in how to reclaim your body and develop a strong sense of self.

Resistance Bands 

Similar to free weights at the gym, resistance bands come in variety of sizes and strengths. This session involves a full body strength training routine teaching highly portable exercises for home. 

Restorative Yoga 

Gentle yoga practice designed to help reset and restore the nervous system. Poses are held for longer periods of time while being completely supported by props so the body and mind are allowed to completely relax and release tension. Very few transitions and a great practice to help reduce stress and help your body recover.

Restorative Yoga and Massage

Soothe your nervous system as you relax into fully supported, longer held postures to specifically open up the fascia and connective tissue in your body to create more space and length.  Optional hands on assists and massage will be offered as an invitation to relax even deeper into the various shapes. This class is perfect for sore muscles, active minds and those who wish to return home to the body and the breath.  

Restorative Yoga and Sound

Soothe your nervous system as you relax into fully supported, longer held postures to specifically open up the fascia and connective tissue in your body to create more space and length. This class is perfect for sore muscles, active minds and those who wish to return home to the body and the breath. Tuning forks are used around and directly on the body to support the body’s natural frequencies by bringing into balance the nervous system, as well as, neurological and energetic pathways. 

Row Intervals !

Row your way to better cardiovascular health! Join us for an interval rowing class you don’t want to miss.

Self Care 

Self care is not selfish. Participants will leave this class with a carefully curated self-care plan for their transitions back home. 

Shoulder Mobility 

How’s your posture? What about your shoulder mobility screen? If you’re someone who always seems to have a tight upper back or experiences shoulder stiffness (or pain) this is the class for you. In this speciality mobility class, you’ll target your chest, triceps, deltoids and upper back figuring out many quick techniques to help you feel better. 

Simple Strength 

Strength training can be intimidating and pushed to the side in most fitness plans. Learn a simple way to implement six exercises for a full body workout that is adaptable to your very own home. 

Slow Therapeutic Flow Yoga 

Move slowly and mindfully through guided postures and unique soundscapes to weave together breath, awareness and bodily sensations. This class is gentle and accessible for beginners and experienced practitioners.  Learn safe alignment in postures and connect as deeply as possible with your body and your breath.   

Sneaky_6 !

One of Skyterra’s spiciest fitness class involving only six movements. Each participant completes two movements at a time finishing as many reps as possible in six minutes. 

Sound Bath 

Each of our bodies has its own natural frequency. We are vibrational beings and when we are healthy all of our cells, tissues, and organs are vibrating in harmony. Sound healing assists in reducing tension and stress while restoring harmony, energy, and balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Experience these healing vibrations as the soothing sound waves emanating from instruments made from 99.99% quartz crystal and tuning forks wash over and transcend you to a place of deep relaxation and inner peace.


Sugar, Fat & Alcohol 

Are you trying to figure out how to live a life with or without sugar, fat, and alcohol? This seminar is educational while also providing strategies on how to approach these challenging things in today’s food culture. 

Sunrise Yoga

Practice facing to the east to honor and greet the sun and a new day through breath, simple movements and body awareness.  This class is 30 minutes and highlights ways to bring a morning yoga practice home with you.  

Tea Meditation 

This class is an invitation to become more acquainted with the tea plant!  Learn about tea production and its influence on flavor, as well as tips on how to brew a perfect pot of tea. The first part of this class will be a discussion and will lead us into a tea tasting and meditation to explore the unique long running relationship between tea and human awareness. Our tea meditation will conclude with time for questions and further discussion.  

Therapeutic Yoga 

This therapeutic yoga class takes a gentle and nourishing approach to loosening up tight muscles and creating space in areas of the body and mind that feel compressed. Learn a variety of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and prop-based asanas (postures) that inspire healing and nurture your range of motion and mobility.

Three Card Story Journaling

Through the use of cards as spontaneous journal prompts, we will dive deeply into journaling and connecting with ourselves and the group (if you wish). Feel free to bring your journals if you have them with you, although paper and pens will be provided. Bring an open mind and a curiosity to explore your inner world. 

VooDoo Floss 101

Unwrap the magic of VooDoo wrapping, a technique that can improve mobility and pain within any joint area. This is a compressive wrap that works by increasing blood flow. Participants will learn how to wrap their ankles, knees, hamstrings, and shoulders.  

Walking Meditation 

With the constant demands of modern life, we often rush from one thing to the next and spent the majority of our lives indoors and disconnected to what matters most. The health benefits from practicing mindfulness and spending time in nature are immense; ranging from weight loss, better sleep, to decreased depression and anxiety. If you are wondering how to begin a practice like this, join us to discover simple steps that you can add to your life right away.

Walk Run Well Clinic 

Are you ready to see your stride in a whole new way? This skill-based class uses video analysis and corrective drills to revolutionize your walking and running. This unique opportunity will help you prevent injuries and maximize the efficiency of your movements.

Wall Mobility 

One of our most practical and popular mobility classes! You’ll learn plenty of feel-good techniques that can easily be performed at home with little or no equipment. During the first half of class, you’ll focus on hip stretches by laying on your back and changing positions of your feet on the wall. During the second half, you’ll learn how to use therapy balls in the standing position, with the wall to support you. 

Waterfall Meditation 

Experience the relaxing effects of meditating by the natural beauty of one of our waterfalls here on campus. This beginner-friendly walking and sitting practice will teach you elements of meditation.

Yoga Basics

Safe space for all levels to learn the foundations of common postures used in yoga. Begin to explore the connection between your breath and your body cultivating a sense of inner peace. 

Yoga for Balance 

The intention of this practice is to effectively focus on the muscular network of the spine, the back body, and core. By combining breathwork and balancing movements, one is truly able to integrate mind and body. Join us in this liberating, balance inspired flow class.  

Yoga for Home 

Do you have the desire to bring a yoga practice home with you?  This class offers a discussion on the different elements of customizing a home practice that works for you.  You will leave class with a deeper understanding of how and when yoga will fit into your life at home, and a possible list of any prop needs so that you are ready to start infusing your home life with more mindfulness and yoga! 

Yoga for Strength 

Are you looking for a stronger, more static, strength-based practice? By combining functional strength postures and longer holds, this creative yet dynamic and balanced practice of breath and strength-inspired movements will surely enliven the fire within. Come embrace your internal heat and honor your personal power and vigor!

Yoga Nidra Meditation 

Also known as “yogic sleep,” yoga nidra is a fully supported and reclined meditation practice that nurtures physical and emotional healing. This deep state of conscious rest helps you de-stress and to sleep better. It can also evoke a sense of clarity and nourish understanding of your higher purpose.

Zumba Basics 

Zumba combines high energy with simple movements that will increase your heart rate and uplift your mood. It incorporates cardio and simple strengthening within the rhythms and beat of each song to ensure an effective workout. You will also get to experience a taste of latin culture within dancing to Salsa, Meringue, and Cumbia. Come join the party! 

Zumba Strong

You will experience a full body workout with high intensity interval training synced to every song. Hand weights will be incorporated and safely used to increase resistance.