Creating a personalized fitness plan all on your own can be overwhelming. Use this template to craft a plan that you'll not only enjoy, but actually be able to stick too. Start by writing in your fitness related goals (improve strength, weight loss, etc.) and then evaluate your fitness level, motivation, sleep, and stress from 1 to 10. You will want to list out the fitness equipment you have at home or need to purchase before moving on to the other phases of planning.


In the first overview section, write in each type of fitness (cardio, strength, yoga) along with the number times you're planning to do each per week, the intensity (high or low) and how long you're planning for each session to last (minutes). After that, consider your typical week and write in when you will be able to perform what. The center column labeled "movement" requires you to pick a "movement goal" such as 10,000 steps per day or 2 walks after meals so that you account for known exercise activity.


In the final sections, you'll want to break down each type of fitness by choosing what you plan on doing for each specific type. For instance, if you'd like to implement ELEVATE at home (interval training) write that in the cardiovascular section. If you plan on doing LEAN at home (high-intensity strength training), jot that into the strength training section. To finish things off, you will need to decide on which breathing cadences (IE square 4IN:4H:4E:4H) that you plan on implementing along with which 2 or 3 mobility techniques you can do consistently. If you have any questions or need support please contact our Fitness Team at Skyterra Wellness.


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At Home Gym Recommendation

Equipment Quantity Cost Vendor
Box – 12’’165.25Rogue
Kettlebell – #15115.00Amazon
Dumbbells – 3 different #10, 15, 203108.00Rogue
Workout Mat120.00Amazon
Abmat (optional)130.00Amazon
Foam Roller 12’’18.75Amazon
Yoga Tune Up Balls1 set15.00Amazon
Mobility Band – Green/Black245.00Rogue