Before you begin, please create your safe space- use a blanket, mat, chair or sit directly on the earth and find a comfortable position. If able, please take the time to make yourself comfortable. Comfort is important and necessary nourishment!

Begin with several rounds of relaxation breath (4-7-8 breath) to allow yourself to fully arrive in the space/practice.

Mountain Meditation Script:

*Note: It is recommended to record yourself reading the script, have it read to you, or to listen to the meditation on SkyterraAtHome rather than trying to read during your meditation practise.

Sit with a straight back, your head held high, spine elongated, allow the shoulders to fully relax and soften away from the ears. Seated, either in a chair, or sitting cross-legged, place your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the flow of your breathing. Sensing each inbreath and each outbreath. Just observing your breathing without trying to change it or regulate it in any way. Letting yourself be breathed. Receiving the breath while sitting here. Allowing the body to be still. And sitting with a sense of dignity, feeling whole, complete, and sensing your integrity. In this very moment. Your posture reflects this sense of wholeness. Bring to attention the image of a mountain. Notice the quality of this mountain, it’s shape, as it comes into focus. Look at the grand shape of this mountain, the base rooted in the earth, is it gently sloping or have one giant peak or a series of peaks, jagged or smooth, a high plateau or jagged high peaks.Noticing how massive it is, how solid, how unmoving, all that’s happening around it and how the mountaining is unchanging, how beautiful both from near and far. Sit with this mountain, breathe into it. Begin to bring the image of this mountain into your own body, feeling the base of the mountain connected to the chair or floor beneath you, the long sloping sides, weighted by your side, descending downward beneath the surface of the earth, moving even deeper to the core. Feel the majesty of this mountain in your own body, feel the unmoving nature of it, the stillness. Your head is the peak of the mountain, exhaling a cooling breath. Experiencing in your body a lifting sensation from deep within your pelvis and spine, with each breath as you continue sitting, becoming a little more a breathing mountain, unwavering in your stillness, completely what you are, beyond words and thought. A centred, rooted, unmoving presence. The seasons come and go, as does each day and each night. The clouds pass over, the rain showers down. Thunderous storms roll in from time to time and continue to pass through. The hot sun scorches upon the mountain, and a soft rain brings renewal, new growth. The cold empty winter where ice and snow blanket the surface. The fall is full or warmth and rich colors and shedding what is ready to be released as the mountain prepares for the cold wind and snow, the ice that blankets the mountain as it continues to unwaver. Through it all, the mountain just sits, experiencing change in each moment. Constantly changing, yet always just being itself. Through it all, the mountain continues to sit unmoved by the weather, what happens on the surface does not change the true nature of the mountain. From the most violent storm to the softest spring day, the mountain is not bound by anything that happens to it. It simply remains what it is. And so we sit, in this posture, as the mountain in our own lives. We embody this stillness, this ability to witness all that is changing around us. The sun still rises and sets each night, and it all passes through us. Through times of darkness, followed by joy, and all the cycles within. The constant changing nature of our outer world.We feel how rooted we are in this moment. The connection to our true self, that stillness, that part of us which has watched our whole lives pass by through a series of seasons. Through times of darkness, followed by joy, and all the cycles within. In this moment, as you connect with your own mountain energy, call upon your inner strength, your inner stability and trust your connection with the earth beneath you. See how you can watch all of this change happen around you, all of the passing thoughts are like the clouds passing by, the leaves on the river that trickle on by. You remain there, encountering the changes, and all the while remaining still, silent, and full of wisdom.