Hunger and Fullness

Eating with Attunement is about staying connected to your body and honoring when it is hungry and full. This is so very challenging for most of us because we tend to be on autopilot when eating and have conditioned ourselves with these habits over the course of our lives.

  1. Starving. Ravenous. I feel weak, low energy, and grouchy.
  2. Uncomfortably hungry and famished. I’m thinking a lot about food.
  3. Pretty Hungry / Hungry. I want to eat now.
  4. Starting to feel hungry.
  5. Satisfied. Neither hungry or full.
  6. Okay, Slightly Full. I feel as if I just ate a snack. I could still eat one or two more bites.
  7. Satisfied. I'm not hungry and not too full. Satiated.
  8. Comfortably full. I feel as if I just ate a solid meal.
  9. Very full. Jam packed. I ate more than I should have.
  10. Overstuffed. I am very uncomfortable. So full I feel sick.