193. Unlock the Secrets of Your Mighty Microbiome

Today we talk with Dr. Campanile to delve into the world of the microbiome and its profound impact on your health. Discover what the microbiome is and why it’s more than just bacteria living inside us. Learn how these tiny organisms act as an organ system, interacting with our environment through our skin, lungs and digestive tract. We’ll explore the crucial roles of beneficial bacteria and discuss how to maintain a healthy balance in your gut. Tune in to find out how to identify when your microbiome is off balance and practical steps you can take to restore it for better overall health.

This presentation is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide any medical advice. The presenter will not evaluate, diagnose, provide any prognosis, care\treatment or care\treatment plan nor any advice/opinion or consultation regarding any of the foregoing for any attendee. This presentation is not a substitute for obtaining medical care from your treating medical provider.