26. Learn About Qoya and How it Can Get You Moving

Embark on a soulful exploration of movement with hosts Jeff and Rachael in our latest podcast episode, as they engage in a captivating conversation with Lyndsey Azlynne, a Qoya instructor. Delve into the transformative practice of Qoya, a unique blend of dance and yoga centered around the simple yet profound idea that through movement, we reconnect with our deepest essence.

Join Lyndsey as she sheds light on how Qoya empowers participants to embrace the joy of moving and expressing themselves within their bodies. Discover the liberating experience of this dance yoga fusion and the holistic benefits it brings to both body and spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or curious about this form of mindful movement, this episode offers a glimpse into the transformative world of Qoya. Tune in now and subscribe for ongoing insights into the art of embodied expression!