27. How Pilates Can Help You Move Better

Embark on a journey into the history and transformative power of Pilates with hosts Jeff and Rachael in our latest podcast episode. Join the enlightening conversation with Sarah Hughes, a Pilates instructor, as she shares insights into the origins of Pilates as rehabilitation for soldiers post-WW2 and its present-day efficacy for movement following injuries.

Explore the basics of Pilates, understand its distinctions from yoga, and gain valuable tips from Sarah on finding the right studio and instructor for your needs. Whether you’re a Pilates enthusiast or a newcomer looking for pilates exercises for beginners and curious about this dynamic practice, this episode provides a comprehensive guide to unlocking the benefits of Pilates for enhanced movement and well-being. Tune in now for a deeper understanding of Pilates and subscribe for ongoing wisdom on the path to a healthier you!