11. How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Embark on an exhilarating journey with hosts Jeff and Rachael in this episode of Inspired Intentions as they dive into the world of adventure with Alan Broyhill, the dynamic Recreation Lead at Skyterra. Unveiling the secrets to stepping out of your comfort zone, Alan shares his expertise in guiding Skyterra guests through the exhilarating process of overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Join us for an inspiring conversation that transcends boundaries, as Alan imparts valuable advice on discovering your personal adventure, regardless of your location. As a seasoned expert in outdoor recreation, Alan’s insights provide a roadmap for embracing challenges, fostering resilience, and tapping into the transformative power of new experiences.

Whether you’re seeking to break free from routine, conquer personal fears, or simply infuse more excitement into your life, this episode is a compass for navigating uncharted territories. Tune in to glean wisdom from Alan’s wealth of experience and learn how to cultivate a mindset that welcomes the thrill of the unknown. Adventure awaits – are you ready to take the first step?