Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life

Week Five: Healthy Boundaries

Week Five Introduction

Welcome to week five of Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life. We hope that last week you were able to touch back in with your intentions and goals, and that you are ready to rock out another week! This week is all about healthy boundaries and an opportunity to zoom into areas in your life where you would like to start practicing healthy boundaries more consciously. 

A glimpse into this week’s lineup: a customizable Lean class with Jeff, a Connect class with Lori, and an opportunity to prepare baked salmon with a roasted veggie salad, as well as a creamy avocado vinaigrette.

Assignment One: Fitness

Join Jeff for a Lean class complete with a warm up, jumping jacks, bicep curls and presses, burpees, and a complete cooldown. Take 23 minutes to build muscle tone and endurance to feel energized and ready for your day! 

Assignment Two: Culinary/Nutrition

Whip up a Skyterra favorite: Roasted Veggie Salad with Baked Salmon and Avocado vinaigrette. Chef Michael walks you through the process step by step. Add an exciting and creamy twist to this salmon and salad dish that will delight all around your table. 

Assignment Three: Stress Management

Enjoy a relaxing Connect class with Lori. Practice begins with a guided meditation and then moves into mindful movements and stretches to create more openness throughout the body.

Week Five Final Thoughts

Make a list of everything that you would like to say “no” to. What boundaries do you wish to draw in your life and where? Tap into flow of consciousness and write for 6 minutes without taking your pen off the page. 

Take a peek at this worksheet from our Building Boundaries class as a way to deepen and expand your journaling exercise.