After Your Stay: At-Home Support 

Skyterra at Home Premium Content

Creating change without support and accountability can be difficult. You deserve to build new habits and create long-lasting change after your stay. 

Skyterra at Home premium content provides at-home support following your stay at Skyterra. We offer virtual consultations and have a collection of online courses for you, all of which can be purchased through the Premium Content tab on Skyterra at Home ( Options include:

  • Online Courses:
    • Nutrition program: Skyterra Nutrition at Home is a six-week course designed to help you discard the diet mentality and eat healthy while honoring your needs, preferences and beliefs.
    • Ignite and Inspire: Ignite and Inspire is an eight-week course designed to meet you right where you are. Through intention, exercise, yoga, meditation, nourishing recipes and journaling prompts, this course is an opportunity to transform your life from the inside out, and from the comfort of your own home. Every week you’ll receive new challenges and tasks that you work on at your own pace, all while receiving group support.
  • Virtual Consults and Coaching Sessions: maintain your progress with extra at-home support and accountability from Skyterra experts:
    • Gardening 
    • Virtual Fitness
    • Life Coaching.