Signature Talk: Your Home Plan

Making Changes

When creating habit changes, be kind, patient and compassionate toward yourself. Remember to keep your why in mind while starting small with one or two changes until they become habits. 

Stress Management 

Breath Practice (Daily)A. Belly Breathing (5 minutes: controlled inhales and exhales; nose-nose or nose-mouth)
B. Relaxation Breathing (5-10 minutes: inhale 4 counts; hold 7 counts; exhale 8 counts; nose-nose or nose-mouth; best in the evening)
C. Square Breathing (5-10 minutes: inhale 4 counts; hold 4 counts; exhale 4 counts; hold 4 counts; nose-nose or nose-mouth; best in the morning or to induce calm)
Mindfulness Practice (1-2x/week)A. Restorative Yoga (soft, healing and deep stretches)
B. Gentle Flow (calming, soft and slow)
C. Vinyasa Flow (energizing, grounding and strength)
D. Connect (gentle stretching, mobility and breathwork)
Self-Care Practice(Daily)A. Unplug (avoid technology for 30 minutes, no work email on your phone)
B. Enjoyment (get outside in nature or join a social activity for at least 10 minutes)
C. Self Reflect (journal or meditate 5-10 minutes)
Other: _____________________________________________________
Sleep and Rest Reminders(Daily)A. Change your lifestyle:  
Reduce artificial light exposure one hour before bed or use blue light blockers
Get outside for 30-60 minutes five days/week (ex: walk at lunchtime)
Set a new work boundary (example: stop working by 6 p.m.)
B. Stay tight to a specific sleep schedule 
Create a sleep range of one hour for bedtime (ex: between 10 and 11 p.m.)
Wake up at the same time at least five days per week
C. Add a sleep strategy to improve the quality of your sleep 
Warm bath one hour before bedtime
No caffeine after 2 p.m./no alcohol three hours before bed five days/week 

* Lecture Handouts available at

* Breathing Practice videos available in the video section of Skyterra At Home: Connect, Meditation

Nourishment – Nutrition 

Meal Timing and Planning (Varies) A. Routine meal times (choose a two-hour time range for each meal to be consumed within; begin with meals spaced four hours from one another with a snack in between if meals are spaced further apart than that; adjust as needed) 
B. Organize to execute: monthly and/or weekly
– Designate a planning day or weekend for gathering recipes
– Designate a time to re-organize and declutter your kitchen
– Choose a day each week to sit down and map out your meals and meal plans for the coming week 
C. Utilize your resources (choose one to incorporate weekly)
– An appliance or kitchen gadget that hasn’t been used in a while (e.g., panini press, blender, slow cooker)
– Create one new meal a week from your favorite/new website or cookbook 
D. Intentional Meals (meal of focus to involve more planning)
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Dinner 
– Snacks (mid-morning/afternoon, pre-post workout) 
Mindful Meals(1 meal/day)A. Sit at a table
B. Take 20 minutes to finish meal 
C. Connect to internal hunger and fullness cues, checking in before, during, after the meal is consumed (use scale if needed)

These meals include minimizing distractions. 
Food Focus (1 meal/day) The Skyterra Plate


A. Increase vegetables
B. Quality protein
C. Incorporate healthy fats
D. Appropriate carbohydrates 

At which meal will this be your focus?

Check out and/or purchase our cookbook for recipe ideas. 

Other resources: and 

Movement – Fitness

Aerobic Cardio “Low” (3-5 days/week of any form of cardio)A. Walk for five minutes after every hour of sitting.
B. A + Walk for 30 minutes or personal step goal.  _________________ (3 days/week)
C. A + B + Walk for 60 minutes or personal step goal. __________________ (5 days/week)
D. ______________________________________________________             ________________________ ( __ days/week) 
Mobility (weekly)A. 1-2 times/week (5-10 minutes, no more than two techniques)
B. 3-4 times/week (10 minutes, no more than three techniques)
C. Daily (10-15 minutes, no more than four techniques)
Mobility video resources:
Strength (weekly)A. 1-2 times/week (20-30 minutes each)
B. 2-3 times/week (30-45 minutes each)
C. 3-4 times/week (30-60 minutes each)
Fitness video resources:
Smart Cardio “High” (1-3 days/week)A. 1 time per week (30 minutes or less)
B. 2 times per week (35 minutes or less)
C. 3 times per week (40 Minutes or less) 
Examples of smart cardio intervals 
– 1 Tabata (Complete 8x thru on cardio machine of choice – Work 0:20, Rest 0:10 – Row, Elliptical or Bike)
– 1 Interval (Choose any cardio machine – 3x thru: Work 3:00, Rest 3:00, Work 2:00, Rest 2:00, Work 1:00, Rest 1:00)
– 2 Intervals (Choose any cardio machine – 5x thru: Work 1:00, Rest 2:00, Work 0:30, Rest 1:00)

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