Supplemental Talk: Houseplants for Health

Bring the healing powers of plants inside! Perfect for small-space living, beginner gardeners, amateur chefs, and even the notorious plant killers. 

Does your pot have drainage holes? Use the ‘knuckle test’ to determine when to water your houseplants. Do not follow any kind of weekly schedule for watering.

Most houseplants benefit from repotting every 1-2 years: freshens soil, provides new nutrients, reduces soil compaction, prevent root-bound issues

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Make your own Microgreens


  • Shallow container with drainage holes 
  • Seeds 
  • Potting mix 


  1. Fill the container with soil, smoothing out the surface as much as possible. 
  2. Spread a thin layer of seeds all over the surface of the soil. 
  3. Sit the container in a dish of water to absorb water from the bottom up. Top watering is fine too, but might disturb the smooth surface of seeds and soil. Remove from the water once the soil is fully saturated. 
  4. Place the container on a plate to catch any water and soil that may drain from the holes in the bottom. 
  5. Cover the tray or keep in a dark location until seeds start to sprout, then place the container near a sunny window or under a grow light. 
  6. Water the container whenever the soil is completely dry. 
  7. Seeds should germinate within 3-7 days with most varieties. 
  8. In 2-3 weeks, microgreens should be tall enough to harvest. Take scissors or a sharp knife to cut above the soil surface, removing the leaves and some of the stem. 
  9. Compost the remaining organic matter. Soil cannot be reused, and in most cases, greens will not continue to grow after harvest.