Other Campus Information

Housing Tips

  • To open your door, put your code in and turn the knob just below the keypad
  • To lock a lodge door, push “SCHLAGE” and turn the knob
  • In a lodge, the bedroom TV pulls out from the wall for easier viewing
  • In a lodge, the screen door can be latched to prevent from banging in the wind
  • In a lodge, the fireplace is controlled by using the remote
  • In a cottage, the fireplace is controlled using a switch above the fireplace
  • In a cottage, the door automatically locks as long as the knob inside is in a horizontal position
  • There are USB ports on the back of the lodge nightstands and on the cottage bedside wall
  • Detergent pods and dryer sheets can be found under the lodge bathroom sink and under the cottage kitchen sink.


Your lodge will be refreshed each Wednesday. This service includes replenishing the amenities, making the bed, replacing the towels that are left on the floor, washing your dishes, etc. For guests staying more than one week, bed linens are changed each Sunday beginning the second week. To decline a service, please place the Do Not Disturb sign on your door. 


To connect to the WiFi from the main building or from your lodge, select the network Skyterra_Guest. There is no password required. 

Pet Policy

Skyterra is a pet-friendly community. Your furry friends are welcome in any of our pet-friendly cottages, but not in our main building or spa. Please keep your pets leashed at all times and be sure to clean up after them. Transylvania County has a leash policy so all pets must be leashed when not inside your lodge or cottage. There is a doggy station located after cottage 470, between lodge 370 and cottage 408 and at the Outdoor Living Center by the dog run.

Gate Code

You may desire to leave campus at times during the week. Guest Services will provide a gate code for re-entry; it is also listed on your weekly schedule.

Speak Up!

You deserve this experience and we are excited to share the Skyterra journey with you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and the only way we will succeed is if you are willing to speak up. Let us know what you need. 

The Guest Services desk is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you have questions or need help, please call or text Guest Services at 828-407-0497. For after-hours emergencies, please call or text the Guest Services number to speak with the Manager on Duty.

Natatorium Locker Instructions

** Be sure your chosen locker door is closed **

  • Push the “C” in the bottom left corner to clear dialpad
  • Type in your chosen four-digit code
  • Push the key symbol in the bottom right corner to lock your locker.

When the red light is blinking, your locker is locked. Follow the same directions to unlock your locker as you would to lock.

Television: Firestick Remote

  • Power – Turns TV on and off
  • Navigation – Press up, down, left or right on the navigation ring to make a selection. Pressing Select will open whatever option is highlighted.
  • Back – This will take you back to the previous screen
  • Home – Exit whatever screen you are on and go to the main screen
  • Volume – Increase and decrease the volume of the TV
  • Menu – Press to view any additional menu options available
  • Rewind – Go backwards in the current video
  • Play/Pause – Play or pause the current video
  • Fast Forward – Skip ahead in the current video.

All of the streaming services are loaded onto the TVs. The only streaming service you cannot log into is Amazon Prime, due to Firestick’s connection to Skyterra’s account. If you are looking for live or local TV, use the Comporium app.