The Story of Skyterra

Skyterra Wellness is the brainchild of our owner and founder, Sue Crowell. After 30 years as a busy executive, Sue’s goal for the next chapter of her life was to make a difference in people’s lives.

About 10 years ago, Sue was seeking wellness just like many of our guests. She attended a retreat and called her sister, Teresa, who was working as a nurse in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sue said: “Drop everything, I found what we are going to do when we retire!” And the rest is history.

Sue and Teresa are passionate about helping people improve their lives. Sue created Trails to Wellness and started holding quarterly retreats where she and Teresa would gather with other like-minded men and women to work on creating what would eventually become Skyterra Wellness Retreat. Sue recruited professionals who would tell truths about weight loss and teach efficient and functional fitness that would benefit people rather than create injury. She wanted to find a way to use food to nourish rather than hurt our bodies. 

Fast forward to June 12, 2016 when Skyterra opened its doors at a beautiful space near Lake Toxaway with our first two guests to join the Skyterra family! Skyterra continued to grow and attracted many like-minded guests who came to enjoy the beautiful views, fresh mountain air, and eat delicious food at our spacious farmhouse tables. 

Several years later, when Skyterra outgrew the Lake Toxaway location, Sue envisioned a beautiful activity building complete with a demo kitchen. She went on a quest and found our current location. The clubhouse was gutted and rebuilt to provide purposeful and amazing space for the Skyterra family. 

A bit of trivia is that the gutted wood was repurposed to create the unique and quaint dining room and demo kitchen tables where Skyterra guests enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Parkway. 

On Dec. 6, 2020, Skyterra said a fond farewell to our guests that Sunday morning at our Lake Toxaway location and that afternoon, welcomed our new guests at our current LeParc location at 75 Skyterra Way, Pisgah Forest.

Thank you for trusting us with your time and welcome to the Skyterra family!