Skyterra Wellness Orientation

Welcome to Skyterra! You made it. Take a deep breath. Your Skyterra experience is all about you and your health. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable during your time at Skyterra.


Throughout the week, you’ll have many different options for classes, activities and hikes. You have the freedom to take any classes ⎼ or none at all. There’s no judgment at Skyterra Wellness. Please focus on what you need from our program. Our Signature and Rotating talks are designed to help you gain the skills and mindset to live healthy at home.                                                                     

  • Color Codes
    • Yellow Highlighted Box = Signature class; recommended for first-time guests
    • Red = Private LoseSmart program offerings
  • Symbols
    • ! = High intensity class (Remember, this is your high intensity!)
    • * = Requires sign-up (white binder at Guest Services desk, deadlines may apply)
    • $ = Additional cost
  • Location Abbreviations
    • L = Lobby
    • S = Studio
    • YP = Yoga Porch
    • SR = Strength Room
    • CZ = Cardio Zone
    • OF = Outdoor Fitness
    • DR = Dining Room
    • CR1 = Classroom One
    • CR2 = Classroom Two
    • TK = Teaching Kitchen
    • PC = Pickleball Courts
    • N = Natatorium
  • Connect
    • We encourage you to begin every day in one of our Connect classes with light breathing and stretching. There are two rooms for Connect: the strength room and the yoga studio.
  • Activity Sign-Up
    • Activities with an * symbol require sign-up in the white binder found at the Guest Services desk in the lobby
      • Sign up early in the week so program leaders can plan accordingly
    • The black binder also provides information about weekly hikes, class descriptions, recreation and excursions, and spa services
      • Some activities or excursions cost an additional fee, which is noted using the $ symbol.
  • Planning Sessions
    • A Group Planning session will be held on Monday afternoon for our returning guests. In this class, you will review your InBody results. If you desire a private planning session, just let us know.
    • First-time guests will be scheduled for a 30-minute Planning Session with one of our health coaches during your first day. Your wellness coach will meet you in the lobby and take you to a private space for your personalized planning session. You will review your screening results, your goals for your stay, your schedule and individualize your visit. This is a perfect time to discuss your personal goals.
  • Cell Phones
    • We ask that cell phones remain off or in silent mode during all classes, talks and meals.
  • Arrive on Time for Classes
    • Please be on time for classes, especially for Connect, meditation and/or yoga
    • Late arrivals can be disruptive to other guests.