Supplemental Talk: Conquering Cardio

Cardiovascular health is of utmost importance. With cardiovascular disease continually being the number one cause of death worldwide, it is important to know which type of cardio exercise will benefit you the most. It’s often a lot more simple than you think!

Benefits of Cardiovascular Training

Heart Health Lowers risk for heart disease and stroke through improved circulation 
Lung HealthIncreases lung capacity and improves long-term lung condition symptoms 
MetabolismGreat for maintaining weight as well as helping regulate blood sugars 
OtherIncrease HDL, decrease LDL, improve cognition, sleep aid, reduce chronic pain, etc.

Cardio Suggestions

GearDescriptionRPEBreathHeart RateEffects
1Max  Aerobic  Function(80%)5/10Nose/ Nose180 – Age  within 10 BPM Promotes mobility, aerobic development and fat adaptation, builds capillary density
2Mushy Middle6-7/10Nose/ MouthMiddle HR  between Gear 1 and 3Highly stressful, secretes stress hormones, unfavorable 
3HIIT High(20%)8/10+Mouth/Mouth180 – Age + 15 BPM or >Improves body composition quickly, insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial density, anaerobic and aerobic capacity

Favorable Cardiorespiratory Workouts

  • Intermittent fasted low-intensity morning walks (prior to breakfast) 
  • Short Intervals 6-8 x 0:60 @ 95% effort, 2:00 recovery – get back to MAF 
  • Long Intervals 3-5 x 4:00 @ 90% effort, 4:00 recovery – develop VO2 Max 
  • Tabata Sets 8 x 0:20 work/0:10 rest @ 100% effort – great for travel (4 min).

Sit Less and Move More!

  • Movement Snacks (remember everything counts!)
    • Break up sedentary time as often as possible
    • Take the stairs when available
    • Take a 10 min walk for every hour of sitting.
Intensity (High, Middle, Low)DurationNotes