Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life

Week Eight: Celebration Week!

Week Eight Introduction

Welcome to week number eight of Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate your Life! Congratulations! You made it! Please envision confetti falling from the sky and lots of supportive cheering! Take some time to simply pat yourself on the back, regardless of the blessings and challenges that might have bubbled up over the past eight weeks. This week is dedicated to celebration! 

Dive into multi-layered and reflective journal prompts that have the potential to reveal more reasons to celebrate, as well as some clarity around the areas in your life that you still wish to improve and focus on from this point forward. 

A glimpse into the lineup for the week: a Tabata class focused on the core with Jeff, join me for a sunrise flow (that can happen anytime of the day), and learn how to prepare adzuki bean burgers and our signature kale caesar salad!

Assignment One: Fitness

Focus on the important muscles of your core through hollow holds and wood choppers. This Tabata class with Jeff offers 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Assignment Two: Culinary/Nutrition

Cook up this vegetarian twist on the traditional American burger and a crunchy kale caesar salad! Aduki beans are packed with protein and offer a lovely and hearty texture to these nutrient-packed patties that will satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike, while this salad is delicious and packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

Assignment Three: Stress Management

Enjoy this Sunrise Flow with Lyndsey as a way to invite more flow and fluidity into your body. This accessible class guides you through breath awareness and simple flows, and can be practiced any time of the day!

Week Eight Final Thoughts

This is a week of celebration! Go back to your journal entry from week one and reflect on what your goals and intentions were. Take time to dive into your experience and notable blessings and challenges that presented themselves to you through this program.

Once you have added as much detail as you can conjure up, write yourself a letter to be opened 60 days from now, reflecting on the progress, the blessings and the challenges to come. Offer yourself guidance, advice and inspiration for your journey ahead.