Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life

Week Seven: Adventure and Play

Week Seven Introduction

Welcome to week number seven of Ignite and Inspire: Eight weeks to Elevate your Life. This week is dedicated to adventure and play! Take some time to ponder how familiar play and adventure are to you, honestly.

Do you allow yourself time to be playful? Do you wish to consciously invite more adventure into your life? Our journal prompts often reveal some buried wishes and treasures as we take time to make our very own bucket list! 

A glimpse into the lineup for this week: this week you get a double dose of Jeff! Enjoy a full-body mobility class as well as a Connect class. Step into the kitchen to prepare flat-iron steaks (with an option for blackened tempeh) and a delicious Mediterranean salad.

Assignment One: Fitness

Grab your foam roller and Yoga Tune Up ball to create more length and space through the shoulder girdle with the guidance of Jeff!

Assignment Two: Culinary/Nutrition

Prepare flat iron steaks or blackened tempeh, and a Mediterranean salad to nourish yourself and those you love! This meal is delicious, grounding and high in vitamins and minerals.

Assignment Three: Stress Management

Wake up and warm up with Jeff through a guided pranayama practice that leads into stretches for the hips, legs and shoulders. A great way to start the day, although this practice can be enjoyed anytime. 

Week Seven Final Thoughts

Make a bucket list! List at least eight to 10 adventures or achievements that you would like to accomplish in this lifetime. Let your imagination soar in all directions and add as much detail as you can!

Bonus: plan something for your week just for the fun of it!