Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life

Week Three: Gratitude Week

Week Three Introduction

Welcome to week three of Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life. This week is all about gratitude. What would happen if you were to wake up in the morning and take a couple minutes to start your day in gratitude? 

Taking time with gratitude is often a game-changer, as it offers a very specific pivot point for your perspective and for your experience. Many teachings offer the idea that what you focus on grows, and therefore you’ll be more likely to find what you seek. If you are looking for reasons to be stressed you will certainly find them. In turn if you turn your gaze toward what’s beautiful and supportive, you will also begin to notice them. Simply put, focusing on gratitude expands it.

A glimpse into the lineup for this week: hip mobility with Jeff, a gratitude meditation with Caroline, and delicious and easy go-to recipes for avocado toast and super green soup! Get your greens — and your gratitude — on for this week! 

Assignment One: Fitness

Create more openness in your hips with this mobility sequence with Jeff. Work deep into the hips, glutes and quads through foam rolling and mindful movement to open up fascia and connective tissue. Grab your mat, a foam roller and a yoga tune up ball to get started.

Assignment Two: Culinary/Nutrition

This week is all about the GREENS! We will be making a simple and delicious avocado toast with tomato and basil on your bread of choice, and super greens soup! 

Assignment Three: Stress Management

Join Caroline for this body gratitude meditation to cultivate more gratitude for your unique connection to your body.

Week Three Final Thoughts

List 30 things that you are wildly grateful for. Put your pen to the paper and try to not pick it up so that you tap into your flow of consciousness. As fluidly and rapidly as possible, let your gratitude flow and just see where it leads you.

Extra credit: instead of just listing them, as you move through your list, invite the FEELING of gratitude into your body and consciously feel it, with curiosity. Once you have completed your list, begin to describe what gratitude feels like in your body. When you are feeling grateful, what happens in your body? As always, the more detail the better… and there is no right or wrong way to express yourself.