Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life

Week Two: Expansion Week

Week Two Introduction

Welcome to the second week of Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life. I hope you are starting to sink into the rhythm of the program and that you feel fueled by the intentions and goals you set last week. Please take some time to add any details to your journal so you have an updated log to refer to as you progress forward.

This week is dedicated to expansion, specifically around growing your capacity to dream bigger dreams. I’d love to invite you to start pondering your ideal morning as you will have the opportunity to dive into details in your journal! 

A glimpse into this week’s lineup: a Lean class with Jeff, a healing light meditation with Lori, and tricks in the kitchen with Chef Michael to learn to prepare chicken Francaise and a Mediterranean lentil bowl. 

Assignment One: Fitness

Join Jeff for a Lean class that can be done anywhere, without any equipment or props. Move through air squats and planks to build strength and increase muscle throughout your body. Being that this is a shorter workout, Jeff brings his natural enthusiasm to bring you an efficient workout in just 10 minutes! 

Assignment Two: Culinary/Nutrition

Prepare chicken Francaise and a Mediterranean lentil bowl with Chef Michael. These meals are delicious and can be made together or separately. Both recipes are accessible and loved by many at the Skyterra family table!

Assignment Three: Stress Management

Take 10 minutes to practice a healing light meditation with Lori that is deeply grounding and draws your awareness deep into your body. Lori gracefully guides you through this relaxing session to reconnect you to the moment, your breath and the healing light that is all around you. 

Week Two Final Thoughts

What would your ideal morning look like? Allow for this to be as realistic and possible or as “far out” as you would like. Take the time to add as much detail as you can possibly conjure up. As always, express in the way that feels most resonant to you. Journaling, voice memos, art, dance movement and beyond.

If all possibilities were available, what would your most perfect morning look like? Are you alone or with others? Is it quiet or is there music? Are you eating or drinking anything? How are you moving through your morning? Are you relaxed or active?