Ignite and Inspire: Eight Weeks to Elevate Your Life

Week One: Intention Week

Week One Introduction

Welcome to the first week of Ignite and Inspire: Eight weeks to Elevate Your Life! Congratulations on taking this leap to dive deeper into your own health and healing journey.

This week is an invitation to become comfortable with the structure of the program, while offering you the opportunity to clarify your intentions and goals for the next eight weeks and beyond.

Every week, be on the lookout for your weekly bundles that will allow you to unlock your fitness challenges, recipes, journal prompts, yoga classes and more. Feel free to dive in as soon as you feel ready, and customize your program for what you need. If you wish to substitute an ingredient in a recipe or take a different class on Skyterra at Home, just make a note in your journal so that you can reflect back with clarity.

A glimpse into this week’s lineup: you’ll prepare cashew zucchini cakes, jicama slaw and mango guacamole; move through an invigorating EMOM class with Jeff and enjoy a 15-minute connect class with Caroline. 

Welcome to our ever-expanding Skyterra Family!

Assignment One: Fitness

Join Jeff for an invigorating 20-minute EMOM class, which focuses on movements every minute on the minute and incorporates rest after each movement. This class builds tremendous strength and endurance through squats, bent rows and bicycle abs.

Assignment Two: Culinary/Nutrition

Step into the Skyterra kitchen with Chef Michael and learn numerous tips and tricks of the trade as you learn to prepare mango guacamole, jicama slaw and zucchini cakes. These recipes are quick, healthy, fun, and best of all, delicious.

Assignment Three: Stress Management

Join Caroline in our Yoga Yurt for a deeply nourishing 15-minute Connect class using only a chair. Caroline mindfully guides you through accessible movements that focus specifically on opening up the spine in all directions as well as the shoulders and neck. There is an opportunity at the end of class to set an intention for the rest of your day.

Week One Final Thoughts

Take time to journal about your intentions and goals for this eight-week course. What inspired you to enroll in this program? List some areas in your life that you feel you are excelling and thriving in, as well as areas upon which you would like to focus more. Take the time to add as much detail as possible. Feel free to run with the exercise and get creative! Make a collage or a painting, create a voice memo on your phone or dig into the details with someone you trust. Every journey starts with the first step, and that is exactly where you are now: Step One!