Skyterra Nutrition at Home

Week Five: Fullness and Satiety Week

Week Five

Welcome to week five of Skyterra Nutrition at Home.

This week is all about recognizing and honoring fullness and satiety. What would happen if you were to end each meal feeling content, satisfied and energized?

Taking time to explore a sense of fullness and satisfaction is often a game-changer, as it offers a very specific pivot point for your overall eating experience and activities following your meal.

Satisfaction with your food is often a byproduct of your relationship with the food. If food is being used to fill an unmet emotional need then it won’t fully satisfy; however, if food is being used to honor your hunger and appetite then it will most likely fully satisfy. Your journaling will help you tremendously as you reconnect with these cues and sensations.

A glimpse into the lineup for this week:

  1. Practice using the Fullness Scale
  2. Prepare two delicious recipes and learn about fat
  3. Eat adequate amounts of fat at every meal
  4. Continue your breakfast streak
  5. Write a journal entry about enjoyable and satisfactory foods.

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