Signature Talk: Walk Run Well

Three Keys To Walking and Running

Posture: your alignment from head to shoulders to hips to feet 

  • Simple tips
    • Stand upright and tall 
    • Keep your knees soft and bent 
    • Head and eyes straight ahead 
    • Shoulders relaxed and down 
    • Quiet arms that move with you.

Pulling: your use of the primary muscle groups that are meant for walking and running 

  • Simple tips
    • Lift your heel off the ground 
    • Think about lifting straight up 
    • Keep your feet closer to your hips (walking) 
    • Keep your feet under your hips (running) 
    • Use the hamstring and glutes.

Cadence: your foot speed, the rate at which you pick up your feet from the ground 

  • Simple tips
    • Think quick feet and fast turnover 
    • Walk cadence = 120+ rpm 
    • Run cadence = 180+ rpm. 

My Initial Errors

Write down during the initial video analysis

  1. ____________________________________________
  1. ____________________________________________

Final Reminders

  • Changing your technique takes time and patience to make it feel natural 
  • Walking and running form is your first line of defense in preventing injuries such as plantar fasciitis, knee tendonitis and lower back pain
  • Practice the drills you learned for five to 10 minutes before every walk/run for the next four to six weeks.