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Inspired Intentions Podcast

20. Why Leaving a Legacy can Heal the World

June 1, 2020

At the heart of Skyterra is one simple idea: love. Jeff and Rachael talk with Skyterra’s founders and owners, Sue Crowell and Teresa Ostler, about Skyterra’s origin story, how it has evolved into a community of healing, and what the vision is for the future.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

19. Which of These Three Mistakes do you Make When you Walk or Run?

May 25, 2020

Walking and running are the movements humans do first, but how do you know whether you’re doing them correctly? Today, Jeff and Rachael discuss the three keys to walking and running well.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

18. Try These Five Tactics for One Week to Change Your Life Forever

May 18, 2020

When it comes to habits, it’s important to vote for yourself every day. Find out how to make new habits stick, how to make the mental shift toward new habits, and how to prompt action toward habits.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

17. Give us 30 Minutes and We’ll Tell You How to Become Your Inner Champion

May 11, 2020

Self care matters now more than ever. Today, Jeff and Rachael talk again with the Leslie Knope of Skyterra, Anne Johnston, about all the ways you can prioritize taking care of you.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

16. Why Ringxiety is Ruining Your Life

May 4, 2020

Your digital devices are impacting your health, possibly in a negative way. In today’s episode, find out how to take control of your devices to increase your concentration, minimize distractions, and get overall control of your phone usage. Today’s episode features special guest Patrick Davis, Skyterra’s Director of IT and Sales.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

BONUS COVID episode #2: All the Ways Video Calls are Keeping us Connected

April 27, 2020

Now more than ever, being able to connect by video is extremely important. In this bonus episode, Jeff, Alan and Rachael discuss all the new ways video calls are used to make us all feel less isolated.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

15. The Reason Why You Need to Measure Your Window of Tolerance

April 20, 2020

Your window of tolerance (WOT) is the place in which you are able to react optimally (and not emotionally), with the ability to feel and think simultaneously. Jeff and Rachael speak with Therapist Shannon Worley to help you find out how to identify your WOT, and how to down-regulate and up-regulate into your ideal WOT.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

BONUS COVID episode #1: Why Now is the Perfect Time for a Self-Care Basket

April 13, 2020

It’s a new normal, and whether you’re working from home, helping your kids with schoolwork during the day, trying to stay busy with new creative outlets, or some combination of all three and then some, having a structured day will help boost your productivity and lower your anxiety. We discuss ways to work at home…

Inspired Intentions Podcast

14. How to Sleep Like a Baby

April 6, 2020

There isn’t one facet of your mental, emotional or physical health that’s not impacted by your sleep. Find out how to improve your sleep habits, set up your bedroom, and what to include in your evening routine to help improve your sleep.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

13. You’re Already an Athlete. Here’s Why.

March 30, 2020

If you move your body, you’re an athlete. Find the simple steps all of us can take to see ourselves as athletes.