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Inspired Intentions Podcast

7. Rewire Your Brain & Eating Patterns

February 17, 2020

Disordered eating patterns can serve a deeper purpose, often a coping mechanism. Here’s how to rewire your brain with healthy and preventative coping skills.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

6. Unique Valentine Gifts from Skyterra

February 10, 2020

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the idea of a traditional gift as we discuss unique ways to treat someone you love, now or any time of year.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

5. How to Improve Your Fitness Faster

February 3, 2020

Learn how to how to keep your strength training simple, focus on efficient cardiovascular exercise and get consistent with movement.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

4. Why you Need to get Outside this Winter

January 27, 2020

Nothing changes when it comes to the amount of adventure in Western North Carolina during the winter. At Skyterra Wellness, we have access to spectacular trails, waterfalls and streams, many of them on campus or just a short drive away. Here at Skyterra, we all love the opportunity to share a breathtaking perspective of our…

Inspired Intentions Podcast

3. How to Ditch Diet Culture

January 20, 2020

Find out why diets don’t work, how diets can do more harm than good, and how to ditch the diet mentality once and for all.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

2. How to Stick Your New Year’s Resolution

January 13, 2020

Join Jeff and Rachael as they discuss resolutions, what can get in the way, and how to focus on goals — and not outcomes — to finally make your resolution happen.

Inspired Intentions Podcast

1. Welcome to the Inspired Intentions Podcast

January 6, 2020

Are you are too busy, stuck in a rut, or not taking care of yourself? You deserve better. It’s time to create awareness, find new courage, and build your confidence. The Inspired Intentions podcast from Skyterra Wellness Retreat will help you move towards change in your life for the better.

Join us every week as we simplify the world of healthy living with conversations about fitness, nutrition, yoga, stress management and adventure. We cut through through the unrealistic noise on diets and fitness, and show you how healthy living fits seamlessly into your already busy life. New episodes out every Monday.