Lean: Cardio & Full-Body Strength

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Another energetic Lean class with bursts of cardio! Classes like these improve your functional fitness while getting your heart rate up too. They’re the perfect pick for a whole-body workout when you’re short on time.
You’ll be doing intervals of cardio to get your heart rate up, along with step-ups, push-presses, and bicycle abs.
Equipment you’ll need:
– For the step-ups: a solid box, step, or bunch
– A pair of dumbbells, for the push-press
– An exercise mat (optional) for the bicycle crunches
– For the cardio: It’s up to you! Hop on your favorite machine, jump rope, walk briskly/jog, or run in place.
Like all of our Lean videos, this class starts with a dynamic warm-up and ends with a quick cooldown.