Almond Creme Brulee

A sophisticated, delectable dessert, simplified by Skyterra and made both gluten- and dairy-free! It features a rich and creamy base infused with the subtle, nutty flavor of almonds.


2 cups Coconut Milk
2 cups Almond Milk
1 cups Sugar
4 each Egg
4 each Egg Yolk
1 tbsp Almond Extract
1 tsp Salt


1.Heat the coconut & almond milk to 120*

2. Add the almond extract to the milk and let cool

3. Put the eggs and sugar in a large bowl and whip till the mixture becomes a satin yellow color

4. Slowly add the warm milk mixture and wisk together

5. Pour the mixture into brulee dishes and bake in a water bath at 300* for 45min

6. Cool overnight before serving

Nutrition Information:

If recipe makes eight:
Calories 250
Total Fat 17 grams
Total Carb 21 grams
Total Protein 6 grams
Sodium 330 mgs
Added Sugar 18 grams
Dietary Fiber 0 grams